How to: Plan a Creative Date Night In

Dinner and a movie?  Netflix and chill?  Dirty take-out from the usual place… again?!

If there’s one thing the last eighteen months or so has taught us – it’s to take care of ourselves and our relationships.

Routines and rituals are great. Don’t get us wrong. But every relationship needs a little intrigue, curiosity, and excitement, too.

We’ve learned the hard way that we may not always be able to rely on getting out of the house for date night – so we’ve compiled a list of ideas for the next time you’re stuck inside on a Saturday night (or, you know, in a government mandated lockdown) and still want to put a bit of creativity into your night in…

Do here are our top ideas for your next date night in.

Love Tarot cards

Try Tarot

Try reading one another’s tarot cards.  Put your prejudices aside, even total tarot noobs can enjoy a date spend deep-diving into how to read tarot cards.  Plus – you might be surprised what you learn about each other in the process!

We love the Love Oracles cards by Anna Higgie

Bring on the Board Games

If you don’t mind things getting a bit *heated* – try dragging out the old Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly board.  You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have getting a bit competitive over fake money and houses (plus who doesn’t like to dream about buying a house for $200??).

Hot tip: Monopoly doesn’t actually take as long as you think it does – read the rules (No, the tax money DOES NOT go under Free Parking!) and you’ll find the game a lot more fun and a lot less endless!

Game on Bitches playing cards from Our Satellite Hearts

Pull out the Playing Cards

The next time you’re planning a cosy night in with your special someone, switch off the screens and go old school with a card game.  But forget Go Fish – try learning something new, it’s a great bonding experience, plus – the couple who plays together, stays together, after all!

And if all else fails… strip poker never fails to spice up an evening…

S’mores Dip Recipe

Make a Meal together

Forget your easy rotation of 20-minute dinners.  Buy the ingredients, follow an actual recipe and be amazed at the results!

We’ve created a list of easy recipes at home, cos we got your back like that. Try our Baked Camembert, Carbonara or S’Mores dip.

Spark adventure in a box from Our Satellite hearts.

Attempt to Spark Adventure

Spark Adventure is (in the simplest possible terms) Adventure in a Box.  Accessible prompts in a pick-me-up package that will genuinely spark new experiences and discoveries.  All wrapped up in a cute faux matchbox box – these inspiring prompts are sure to spark exploration and discovery.

But try to remember – while creativity is all well and good, sometimes it’s just the simple act of carving out a few hours of quality time for you and your significant other to open a nice bottle of wine, connect, talk, and share an experience together… that’s what counts.

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