Austin’s - Makers of 6Ft6 Wine

At Austin’s we’ve created a wine for sharing. Grown in the rich limestone soils and cool climes of the Moorabool Valley, our wine is perfect for celebrating life’s best moments, big and small. Bring your family and friends, pull up a chair, raise a glass and let’s make memories. Welcome to the Austin’s family.

Australian Winemakers since 1982

Austin’s grows and produces single vineyard, premium wines, and is owned and operated by second-generation wine entrepreneur Scott Austin. Harnessing 30 years of Austin’s winemaking history, they are driven to reshape the ‘typical’ Australian fine wine occasion into a vibrant, exploratory and welcoming experience. 

6ft6 range of wines in bath

The 6Ft6 Wine Range

6Ft6 (formerly known as ‘Six Foot Six’) first launched in 2003, with a small, but delicious range of wine, specialising in Pinot Noir and Shiraz. In 2015, 6Ft6 had a facelift and have since expanded to include ProseccoPinot GrisChardonnaySauvignon Blanc and Rosé to its range.

All of our red wines are grown, picked, produced and bottled onsite at our Moorabool Valley winery in the Geelong wine region, single vineyard and exceptional quality. We are known for our Pinot Noir, with one of the largest family-owned estates in Australia (read more about our Pinot here). Our Prosecco, along with some of our Pinot Gris, is proudly sourced from the beautiful King Valley region. The 6Ft6 Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the Yarra Valley, a region known for producing world-class wines. 

The 6Ft6 Vineyard

 The Geelong wine region  started as the first wine growing region in Australia, but was ravaged by the terrible disease, Philoxera in the 1870’s and had to rebuild. Over time it has done just that and now boasts over 50 producers creating some awesome wines.

Home for 6Ft6 is at the Austin’s vineyard, in Geelong’s Moorabool Valley sub-region found between Geelong and Ballarat. In keeping with the historical adventurous spirit of 6Ft6, some 20,000 years ago the Moorabool Valley actually sat on the bottom of the sea. It was only after 1,000 years of volcanic activity that it became land again. Land that now offers perfect grape growing soil which, when coupled with the cool Mediterranean climate of the Moorabool Valley, provides perfect conditions for our 6Ft6 grapes to grown into wines that are sure to bring out that 6Ft6 spirit in us all. 

6Ft6 Winemaker

Dwayne Cunningham is the Austin’s and 6Ft6 winemaker. With over 10 years experience, Dwayne recently completed 6 years working at Paxton vineyards in South Australia. 

Dwayne is a talented winemaker that also has an ability to explain wine in ways that people can understand easily.

Dwayne leads the team to produce cool climate wines that are enjoyed in both of our 6Ft6 and Austin’s wine ranges.

The 6Ft6 Cellar Door

Our 1960’s shearing shed has been turned into a modern wine tasting room, and it’s now open. Visit us from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm for complimentary seated wine tastings, cheese platters and delicious wines. Enjoy the vineyard views of the Moorabool Valley in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Head to our Austin’s Wines website for more information and to book.