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Recipes that Wow – S’mores Dip

Anyone who grew up reading the Babysitters Club has heard of s’mores (and probably rued they day they weren’t born in America where it’s seemingly totally acceptable to toast marshmallows and sandwich them between chocolate and crackers as a snack).  The concept has never really taken off here in Oz, but maybe this “grown up” version is the PR lift s’mores needs to really hit the big time down under.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate cold night comfort treat … this is the recipe for you!  Just don’t @ us when you don’t fit back into your jeans, proceed at your own risk!

S’mores Dip – For us Aussies that stands for ‘Gooey Marshmallows and Chocolate’! 

This dish really is a simple guilty pleasure.  It’s so easy to make. Everyone will love it.  The hardest bit is cleaning the pan when you’re done!  Hot Tip: Give it to the kids when you’ve had enough and tell them to lick it clean…

S’mores dip recipe Ingredients

2 cups of pink and white marshmallows

1 cup of choc chips or a block of your favourite chocolate broken into chunks

1 packet of biscuits (We love the Lotus Biscoff biccies, but you could just as easily use a digestive or if you do happen upon ‘Graham Crackers’ grab them as these are the traditional choice for s’mores)


Cover the bottom of your pan in chocolate chips or chunks and top with marshmallows. 

Pop into a preheated, 160ºC oven until marshmallows look toasty and chocolate has melted. 

Take out of the oven.  Pop in some biscuits, scoop up all the gooey goodness and try and stop yourself from going back for more!

Serve with a tumbler full of 6ft6 Pinot Noir.  Thank us later!

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