Where to buy 6Ft6

Looking for 6Ft6? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We are available in over 2000 retail outlets throughout Australia and you can also buy us online.

We are available at all leading retailers including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Vintage Cellars, Liquorland, IGA Liquor and all good independents.

And remember, all of our wines are 100% vegan!

Dan Murphys | Find 6Ft6 Wine In Store

BWS | Find 6Ft6 Wine In Store

Vintage Cellars | Find 6Ft6 Wine In Store

Liquorland | Find 6Ft6 Wine In Store

IGA Liquor | Find 6Ft6 Wine In Store

If you still can’t find us, contact us here with your post code and we will be happy to track down your local supplier.

You can also visit us at Austin’s Wines, the home of 6ft6! We’re located in The Moorabool Valley, Geelong, 1 hour from Melbourne.  More information here.