6Ft6 Stay at Home Quiz Night

Wine Pals Unite, 6Ft6 Trivia is Here

Quarantine convo growing stale?  Running out of things to talk about? 

There’s only so many times we can rehash Dan Andrew’s latest Press Conference fashion choices or wonder aloud what day it is before we completely lose our minds.

Be honest – when is the last time you had a full conversation that had nothing to do with the Rona?

It started becoming obvious pretty quickly after the first round of Corona restrictions that banning the c-word (Yes, we’re talking about COVID, get your minds out of the gutter!) was all but impossible… unless, you’re working with some kind of structured activity!

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Introducing – The Stay at Home 6Ft6 Quiz Night!

Do you know how much wine a “buttload” is?  Do you like to regale your dinner party guests with the correct pronunciations of Soave and Gewürztraminer?  Can you recite the grapes allowed in Chateauneuf-de-Pape in your sleep?* Then this is the quiz for you, you know it all!

Whether it’s just you and your partner (or roommate, or cat…), or a group Zoom call Virtual Happy Hour with the whole crew, it’s time to test your wine knowhow with some very fun wine related trivia.  Featuring a mixture of serious wine knowhow and wine-in-pop-culture fun (including a *MUSIC ROUND*), you don’t need to be a Sommelier in training or Master of Viticulture to ace this one, but there are some curly questions in there – we had to make it interesting after all!

How to:

  1. Download our Trivia Questions & Answers.
  2. Nominated host, download your Round 2 (music round) playlist in advance here.
  3. Pour yourself a glass of 6Ft6
  4. Get a crew together and nominate a host (don’t worry, the host can participate too – just don’t go sneaky and peak at those answers!!)
  5. Get your Trivia on!
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Pro tip: this one is way more fun in teams, so the more the merrier.  If you’re playing on Zoom, set up a group message for each of the teams and communicate that way, or just use the Zoom private messaging feature.

Make sure to allow plenty of time between questions for teams to communicate, it’s a little trickier than your typical pub quiz night, but once you get into the swing of it, it’s a lot of fun! 

Pro Pro Tip:  If you’re particularly au fait with the inner workings of Zoom (aren’t we all by now?) – at the end of each round, use break-out rooms so each team can discuss their answers before correcting!  It’s a lot easier to wrap things up “face to face”, those group messages start getting messy, especially after a couple of glasses of your favourite 6Ft6 drop.

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 * A buttload = 126 gallons of wine, the correct pronunciations are Swah-vay and Guh-vertz-tram-inner and there are 13 grape varietals allowed in CDP, but we’re not going to list them all here, that’s some next level wine knowledge!

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