Portsea Polo wrap up

Portsea Polo 2019

6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo

The sun was out (a balmy 26 degrees), the white dresses were in full force among the 5,000 strong crowd. The line was growing for a photo in front on the media wall (why the media wall is a good backdrop we will never know?!) as people made their way to their marquees. Alfa Romeo, Stella Artois, Jagged and Point Nepean Club were the busiest on the day. Some other notable marquees were from Forever New, Bumble, White Rabbit and of course the best marquee of the day – Entourage x 6Ft6. 


The wine flowed, the cocktails were supped and the the people watching was at it’s finest. We’ve listed it all here, including how much wine was sipped on the day. So are you ready for the Polo wrap up? Giddy up!


Entourage X 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo

The Entourage x 6Ft6 Marquee

Stepping inside the Entourage x 6Ft6 marquee was impressive to say the least. Pale pastel tones themed the huge marquee structure with amazing floral features throughout, including stunning roses, orchids and cascading baby’s breathe. 

Entourage X 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo 2019

The blood orange and rosé spritzs were handed out on arrival and they were soon followed by frosés and frozen pinot gris mojitos… many mojitos! 

Rosé spritz by 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo

Pinot Gris Mojito by 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo

The most popular wines were the rosé and prosecco, perfect for polo sipping and were well paired with our Pared Eyewear (seriously the best glasses out there).

pared eyewear at the portsea polo Khanh Ong for 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo pared eyewear at the Portsea Polo

People-watching can keep you entertained for hours with the incredible outfits, make-up and celebrity spotting.

Chicken burgers and mini toasties were a hit from Fred and Ginger catering which went perfectly with our semi-dry style prosecco.

The DJ got the dance floor packed… oh and there were a few games of Polo (who knew?!). 

 Entourage X 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo 2019

6Ft6 Prosecco at the Portsea Polo

6Ft6 Entourage Marquee at Portsea Polo

Portsea Polo 2019 with 6Ft6

Florals in Entourage marquee portsea polo

Polo match at the Portsea polo

Zana Pali at Portsea Polo with 6Ft6 rosé wine

Khanh & Tully

Two of our favourite friends, Khan and Tully stopped by the marquee to say hello and sip on a few cocktails. Khanh Ong is a highly sought after DJ and rose to fame being a fan favourite on the recent season of Masterchef, and Tully is a lifestyle influencer and blogger who rose to fame from her time on reality TV show, Big Brother. 

They were both great fun and we made a pretty special video… stay tuned! 

Khanh Ong and Tully Smyth for 6Ft6 at Portsea Polo

Khanh Ong and Tully Smyth at Portsea Polo for 6Ft6

Tully Smyth and Khanh Ong for 6Ft6 at the Portsea Polo

Portsea Polo Fashion

White was the colour of choice for the day, with a sea of white field-side in each of the marquees. Rhi’s (somehow) got the memo and her dress was not white by the end of the day. Wet wipes were a girls best accessory with a flurry of dust being stirred by the many wedges field-side!

Our favourite outfits of the day are here…


6Ft6 Horse Power Race 

So what is actually faster? According to this race (which included a handicap start for the runner and bike) the bike was the fastest on the day. Scott was just pretty happy to give a bottle of wine to the winner, we think he loved the centre stage really. 

6Ft6 man vs bike vs horse race

How much wine was drank at the Polo?

A lot of wine! We estimate that over 25,000 glasses of wine were enjoyed at the Portsea Polo. Over 1,500 frosés were sipped and I don’t know how many mojitos were served but I think Scott drank them all.

Have any other pressing questions, post them below and we will answer them. 

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