Q&A with Nikki from Mandala Handmade

The woman behind the bath and body products

It is always wonderful hearing about someone who turns their passion into a business, just to be able to share their love for what they do with others. Mandala Handmade‘s natural bath and body products are designed, made and packaged by the same two hands. It’s not just a business for Nikki, it is personal.

 As part of our customised gift packs, you can include two goodies each item and Mandala Handmade Body Butters are one of those options. Let’s get to know a little more about Nikki and Mandala Handmade below. 

How did the idea of Mandala Handmade come about?

I remember being pregnant with my first baby, it was a hot summer night and we were sitting on the deck when I reached for the bug spray, which warned against using while pregnant. It was only that I realised not only what I put in my body affected my unborn child but also what I put on it too.  I decided then that there needed to be more affordable organic natural products available and set about getting educated on how to create them myself.  At first it was just for personal use on my family and friends but it soon became a range of products that people were wanting to purchase as gifts and for themselves. So Mandala sort of evolved from there. 

When was Mandala Handmade established?

So eight months after my little one entered the world I went back to work full-time so I could put all my “spare” (haha) time and dollars into creating a brand that encompassed everything I wanted to represent my passion. The name Mandala means exactly that and soon the business started taking on a mind of its own!

I know it’s hard to pick favourite’s but everyone secretly has one! Which product is your go-to?

Oooooh it changes with the season, at the moment I’m loving my Charcoal Brush, which is so luxurious and pampering, and a great way to cleanse the face or body without any product! But I also love my simple Lip Butter, three ingredients, no fragrance and just delicious for your lips!

What sets you apart from other brands producing the same products as you?

I always try to be very real with my pricing and packaging. Less is more in my opinion and that includes my ingredients, processes and packaging. What you see is what you get and I feel its kinder to the environment and to you this way.

We just love your name! How did you come up with the concept?

So traditionally a ‘Mandala’ is a spiritual symbol, representing the universe. More commonly now it has become a diagram pattern or round circle and can symbolise balance in the cosmos, sacred space or your own universe and everything that exists in that space for you. I found this definition really resonated with me and aligned with the values and mission I had for the brand. 

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

I still get excited when my phone beeps and I see an order come through the website! It’s such thrill to know that someone is choosing to spend their money with me. But I love when I get feed back from clients telling me that my products have helped with their skin complaints or helped sooth their little ones. Seeing my products in retail spaces is also a massive achievement too!

What does your day to day look like?

Haha! As I write this my three year old is playing Lego at my feet dressed as Princess Belle, so I guess it’s a bit of everything. I’m also a Pilates Instructor so I teach classes and come home to mix products in-between taking kids to school, kinder, guitar lessons and dancing! Each day is different and I love that (most days!). I also love the control and that I feel like I’m working on something with purpose that I can see materialise and grow. 

We all have that one unusual story that we tell at dinner parties! What is the most unusual request you have had whilst being in business?

Dinner parties themselves usually consist of people randomly showing me their spots, pimples, eczema, cracked heels and asking me what I have that can fix it! I have also had someone ask me if I make moisturiser for dogs! 

Can you give us your 6Ft6 wine and bath soak pairings for the ultimate relaxation bath and why?
Easy! A Bath and a relaxing wine …perfect match…

– Chai Latte: something velvety smooth and spicy like the 6Ft6 Shiraz

– Ginger & Chamomile Detox: a wine with lovely balance of texture and flavour like the 6Ft6 Pinot Gris

– Vanilla Rose Milk: It’s all in the name… strawberries, white cherries and crunchy melon flavours. It’s gotta be the 6Ft6 Rosé

Favourite wine quote?

I’m kind of a big deal!

Do you prefer red or white?

Absolutely Red… Pinot Noir to be more specific 🙂

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