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Wine Spritz recipes

Take it easy under the summer sun. Get spritzed with our top three wine spritzer recipes for fizzy fun all season long.

Can you feel it? It’s almost summer time. Time for less clothes, less work and more time having a good (no, great!) time with family and friends.

Why are we stoked?

We’re stoked for summer’s promise of longer days, mainly because longer days mean more time for the best stuff on earth: WINE.

We say bring it on! Bring it on at brunch. Savour a glass at sunset. Get dreamy with a glass under the stars.

Wine is the shining star of summer, pairing effortlessly with all of our favourite summer activities. But the heavyweight champion of summer wine is undisputedly the white wine spritzer. Hands down, this bad boy is the go-to for almost every scenario summer throws at us.

Like summer, the wine spritzer doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a crisp, refreshing companion before, during and after our dearest summer memory-makers. The spritz invigorates before a night out, keeps the laughs rolling during our outdoor adventures, and satisfies that precise desire for both hydration and libation after a surf.

Besides the fizzy and fun qualities of this white wine cocktail, it has the much-appreciated ability to bolster our drinking stamina.

Yeah, we said it. White wine spritzers make the drink last longer. 

Because there is actually less wine per glass, plus the hydrating and refreshing bonus of the spritz, we can get boozy without feeling woozy on those hot days. After all, sometimes our midsummer festivities are marathons, not sprints.

And that’s the beauty of the white wine spritzer. Just one is enough for a bubbly treat, but you can always go big… even if big means just making it to dinner after a day of drinking. The spritz has your back.

Not your Grandma’s Wine Spritzer

Ok, so the old fashioned Chardonnay with soda water isn’t too shabby, but the white wine spritzer has evolved past your grandma’s bridge club staple.

The wine spritz trend is becoming as popular as a summer barbecue with a creative edge that’s inspiring hipsters everywhere. Most spritzer examples are poster children for a classy picnic, but please feel free to get as classy or trashy as you want with our favourite white wine spritzer recipes.

kmart drinks trolley wine spritzer bar

The spritz does not judge. And neither do we.

Keep in mind, we are utterly and obsessively passionate about WINE above all things. So the following recipes are meant to give you the sparkling spirit of the spritz while not betraying the essence of the wine itself. In other words, you’ll still be able to enjoy the body of each wine.

Have fun with these recipes from the super simple to the trendy spritz guaranteed to make you a star host/hostess. Even if you’ve sworn off social media forever (you know you’ll be back), these white wine cocktails are no doubt Instagrammable, Pinterestable and for sure, irresistible.

Easy Blood Orange Spritz Recipe

Blood Orange is the perfect flavour for a white wine spritzer since it has tang and just the right amount of sweet. It’s also not overpowering, so you’ll still taste the silky,  crisp notes of our award-winning Chardonnay. And it’s so easy! You don’t need much to make this super refreshing treat, so dive right in.

Chardonnay spritz recipe


½ cup 6Ft6 chardonnay

½ cup Blood Orange Italian Soda

Remaining ice

Sliced orange or lime wedge for garnish


Fill wine glass with ice, chardonnay, and Italian soda.

Garnish with a sliced orange or lime wedge and enjoy! So simple!

**You can obviously experiment with other flavours of Italian soda that go great with Chardonnay, like lemon, lime, etc. Blood orange just happens to be our favourite!

Mojito Spritzer Recipe

Move over rum. We don’t need you to make a great tasting mojito! The sweetness of Sauvignon Blanc goes great with the zesty essence of mojito. Light and sophisticated, these are excellent to serve at meal time for a colourful libation. And they look amazing too. Anytime is a good time for this spritzy take on the classic mojito.

mojito spritz recipe


½ cup 6Ft6 sauvignon blanc 

½ cup club soda

15 ml lime juice (about half of a lime)

5 mint leaves

3 drops stevia (optional)



Muddle mint, stevia, and lime juice together.

Pour in wine and club soda and fill remaining glass with ice.

Garnish with a sprig of mint and/or lime wedge and drink up!

Matcha Bomb Spritzer Recipe

It’s time to get trendy. Matcha (specialty green tea in powder form) is super hot right now for a few reasons. It’s healthy. It’s caffeinated. And it’s green! If you haven’t tried matcha, you need to get on it. This wine spritzer featuring our Pinot Gris is a great way to add something totally different into the mix that is actually good for you to boot. Whip these out at a get-together and just watch all the conversations they inspire. A guaranteed hit.

*Disclaimer – this tastes 1,000 times better than it sounds. We were dubious, but trust us, you won’t look back!

matcha spritz recipe


90 ml 6Ft6 Pinot Gris 

1/2 teaspoon matcha powder

15 ml honey

60 ml ginger ale


Lemon wedge for garnish


Dissolve matcha powder in 1-2 tbp hot water. Whisk.

Add honey and whisk until well-blended.

Add ice, Pinot Gris, and ginger ale.

Garnish with lemon and cheers!

The spritz is calling

Enjoy awesome wine in a different way. The classic white wine spritzer is out; newer, more creative concoctions are in… and they’re easy. These light and airy wine cocktails are the perfect poolside companions on a weekend afternoon with friends. Try these recipes for yourself and indulge in the wonderful bubbliness of the spritz.

You know you want to. The spritz is calling.

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white wine spritz recipe

wine spritzer bar - kmart drinks trolley

Please remember to drink responsibly!

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