Our Epic Father’s Day Gift Guide


Shopping for men is hard, we all know this to be true. Shopping for the perfect gift for Dad? Can be impossible. Dads seem like the most likely culprit for the old “if he wants something, he buys it” conundrum, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give in and cave to the old faithful (another pair of socks anyone?) – you just need to get creative.

So let’s do it – he’s the best at being a Dad, we’re gonna find him the best gift to match.

What to buy the Shiraz drinking Dad

He’s a bit traditional and has undeniably excellent taste. You’re bound to get into philosophical arguments with him at family lunch, but you know he’ll always be there if you need him.

  • A deeeluxe BBQ utensil set for all his grilling needs.
  • A Luigi Bormioli Supremo Red Wine Decanter, to get the most out of that spectacular red he’s always swilling.
  • We cannot forget a bottle (or two) of his favourite 6ft6 Shiraz of course!

What to get for the Pinot Noir loving Dad

He’s not a regular Dad, he’s a cool Dad. He’s a gadget-loving, true crime buff who loves to cook and binged every season of GoT. He’s always up to meet for after-work drinks at your local for a chat, especially if they happen to have old school arcade games.

  • A mini NES, with 30 games included – it’ll fulfil all his geeky childhood fantasies.
  • If he’s a true crime buff, this haunting book about one woman’s search for the Golden State Killer is a must-read.
  • Any Dad who knows his Dothraki from his Unsullied will be a fan of this blended scotch from Johnnie Walker. 
  • The most important, a couple of bottles of his favourite – 6ft6 Pinot Noir.

What to gift the Rosé loving Dad

He’s young at heart and always up for a good chat, he loves his fam and the great outdoors, and while he may come across as a little reserved at first, this Dad is the most loyal and loveable guy around. 
  • What better than a deeeelicious smelling candle for the Dad who isn’t afraid to let his sensitive sideshow.
  • A quirky card with a heartfelt, handwritten note – you know that’s all he really wants anyway.

What to buy for the Chardonnay sipping Dad

 He’s charming (or at least he thinks he is) and prides himself on being a little bit… left of centre. His Dad jokes always go over your friends’ heads, but if they’re moving house, he’s the first person anyone of you is going to call.

  • Lonely Planet’s Wine Trails – to help him plan his next adventure.
  • A new shirt, with a touch of quirk, because god knows he’s not going to buy clothes for himself.
  • Arctico Winemate bottle and glasses, so he’s ready to sit down for a cold one at the end of the long day of handyman-ing or house moving.
  • Don’t forget a splash of his favourite tipple – you know that’s what he really wants.

What to buy the Pinot Gris drinking Dad

He’s a man of simple tastes who loves nothing better than a barbie with the fam.  He’s a selfless all-rounder, a jack-of-all-trades, the one everyone can rely on and if anyone deserves a bit of a treat this Father’s Day, it’s him.

  • This one might require rounding up all the siblings to chip in, but you’ll be the apple of Dad’s eye forever when you present him with this beauty at Dad’s Day lunch.
  • The perfect gift for the Dad who loves travelling, camping, backpacking, or just hanging and relaxing on the verandah.
  • Lastly, and the most important a bottle of the impeccable 6ft6 Pinot Gris, so you can all raise a toast to him on the day.

What to give the Sauvignon Blanc drinking Dad

He’s a no-bullsh*t kind of guy who never backs down from a good argument, but you just know he’s got the biggest heart out there. He’s got a passion for clubs, green lawns and sunshine and you’ve accepted the fact that you’ll never agree on which station the car radio should be on.

  • His own turntable, so he can listen to his Dad music anytime, anywhere.
  • A few bottles of his favourite 6ft6 Savvy B to go inside – you know it’s bad luck to gift an empty Esky, right?

What to buy the Prosecco sipping Dad

He’s fun, he never sits still and he honestly does not care what anyone else thinks about him (in a great way). He loves any excuse for a celebration and enjoys the finer things in life. On the down to earth vs high maintenance spectrum – he manages to strike a delicate balance.

  • It’s Marram Co’s mission to get every guy to look forward to his morning shave and hone their technique with the help of its speciality creams and tools. This four-piece travel set is perfect for the Dad who appreciates a little luxury.
  • At least one bottle of his favourite drop – 6ft6 Prosecco of course.

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