Austin’s Late Harvest Riesling 2018


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Fresh, lush and vibrant. This gold medal winning sweet wine is an explosion on the palate.


Want a dessert wine that isn’t too sweet? This Late Harvest Riesling will delight those that typically don’t enjoy sweet wine and still please those that like a sweet drop.

Sweet enough to pair with a dessert such as a crème brûlée but with enough acidity and mineral crunch to be a palate cleanser between courses. A creamy cheese will pair perfectly with a glass of this delicious sticky wine.

The fruit is hand-picked and handcrafted by our experienced winemaking team.

With a collection of awards under its belt, this Late Harvest Riesling is a standout wine. And with only 1000 bottles available, you’ll need to be quick to secure yours.

Bottle size: 375ml

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Region: Moorabool Valley, Geelong, Victoria

Vineyard: Austin’s Wines. Steiglitz Road, Sutherlands Creek

Alc./Vol.: 11.5%

Vegan: Yes

Download the Austin’s Late Harvest Riesling 2018 Tasting Notes.


Sitting on the ocean floor some 20,000 years ago, only to be reclaimed as land by millennia of volcanic activity, Geelong’s Moorabool Valley sub-region is made up of a tough limestone and basalt base, which forms this sub-region’s unique terroir; providing ideal free-draining soil for our grapevines.

Moorabool Valley’s cool climate is largely continental by nature but still moderated to some extent by its proximity to the ocean, providing perfect conditions to grow world-class wines. All vines are planted north–south, trained vertically, and canopies are managed to provide sufficient light and air into the fruit zone, maximising quality and vine health. Judicious irrigation is applied during the growing season to maintain healthy vine growth to assist even ripening, which is the key to quality fruit.


The fruit was de-stemmed to a tank press under inert gas and left to soak for 20 hours on its raisin-like skins to extract sweetness and flavour. Fruit was pressed to 400 L/tonne to get the best of the fruit, whilst the balance of the harder pressed juice was pumped to a separate tank. Settled, then racked, tartaric acid was added to the juice and began a slow fermentation. With the ferment down to 100g/L of sugar left, the process was paused by dropping the temperature and adding SO2, then wine was quickly filtered. Late Harvest Riesling was bottled into 375ml bottles in October 2018.


With plenty of moisture in the ground and moderate weather conditions through spring and early summer, the vines enjoyed ideal growing conditions early. Flowering in November was quick, and the ensuing berry set was good, despite heavy rainfall late November. Yields were average with plenty of bunches, though lower in weight. A relentlessly hot summer and minimal rain made an early start to vintage with swift completion. Riesling fruit was handpicked after a relatively warm and dry autumn on 24 April 2018 at 30.2 brix and 7.0 g/L total acidity. The 3.0 t/ha yield was half the yield that was picked for the dry riesling in early March.