6Ft6 Shiraz 2022 750ml


“There’s no longer AM and PM.  It’s just coffee time and wine time”

Enjoy a true representation of cool climate shiraz; exotic spices, rich berries and a dash of white pepper. It’s a wine with depth and intensity that remains imminently drinkable from day to night.

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Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered 

This wine is the classy older sister one of our range — she’s got plenty of charisma, oozes style and evokes glamour, no matter the price tag. Even those who are confirmed non-shiraz drinkers have been known to change their minds. 

We’re biased, yes, but this is such a lovely, balanced shiraz which goes perfectly from day to night drinking. We Aussies love shiraz, and this one is big, fruity and smooth, but not overly heavy.  Shiraz lovers wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When you take this shiraz to a dinner or a party, the host isn’t going to have that frozen-polite smile on their face, thinking ‘this plonk?’ Instead, they’ll recognise our iconic striped capsule and think ‘oooo nice’ and briefly consider hiding the bottle to keep for themselves.

Why 6Ft6 Shiraz?

The DMAC effect

Our winemaker, Dwayne (aka DMAC), is one helluva fusspot when it comes to quality, and it totally shows. We won’t get too technical, but Dwayne has a persnickety way of wanting things [just so]. And you know what? You can’t argue with results. Every business needs a stickler for quality like DMAC and we adore his attention to detail that makes our wines oh-so amazing. 

The fruit

The cool climate and limestone-rich soil of the Moorabool valley is renowned for producing a milder, drier shiraz, making it smooth and easy to drink, with flavours and mouthfeel typical of the Geelong region.  

The terroir

(Terroir means soil, topography, and climate — fancy.) For farmers, the land is life, and we hit the jackpot with our vineyard in Geelong. We combine this impeccable fruit from the Strathbogie region to give us a great consistency of flavour. This means that you can be confident in the flavours to expect from us, year after year. 

The fun 

For us, wine is about enjoyment — sharing a glass or two to connect with your special humans, and spoil yourself. Whether you are relaxing after a long day or partying with friends, we have the wine to match. We’re not about being snooty, inaccessible or using confusing language. We’re just an everyday farming family, making great wine and enjoying a few laughs along the way. Cheers to that, hey? 

Vegan wine

Vegans, raise your glasses, because all of the 6Ft6 range is vegan, i.e. it’s c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y free of animal products. You’d think wine, being made from grapes, is always vegan — but not so. Learn more about it here, on this creatively titled article ‘Is all wine vegan friendly?’

The planet 

We want to care for this planet — it’s the only one with wine! Sustainability has been at the forefront of our business since we started in 1982. Working daily on the land, we see first-hand the effects of climate change, and it’s devastating. We continually make improvements to ensure our footprint is kept to a minimum by: 

  • replanting trees on our property—we have planted over 10,000 trees since 1990 
  • using 100% recyclable packaging, which means our cartons are a little bit fugly but a lot more sustainable 
  • investing heavily in irrigation systems and vineyard treatments such as straw and natural soils to reduce unnecessary water usage 

So, when you buy from us, you buy a wine that’s as good for the planet as possible. 

Tasting Notes

This shiraz shows amazing colour and clarity, with deep crimson red and bright purple hues flashing. Hints of cardamom, spice and cinnamon on the nose, with a lovely herbaceous undertone. Delicious primary fruit characters of plum, blackberry combined with a hint of aniseed flavour give the wine depth and intensity. Finished with supple, fine grained tannins that help extend length to deliver an overall shiraz packed with body and flavour.

Perfect with all things barbecued or slow cooked.  Charred zucchini and broccoli, lamb shanks or beef short ribs. On a cold night, it pairs beautifully with baked potato and a big dollop of butter and sour cream. It complements all types of spaghetti bolognese, including rustic slow-cooked versions (or microwave packet meals — we don’t judge). 

Pick of the bunch: L’Artisan Le Petite Rouge (washed rind), Aged Gouda, Mersey Valley

Vegan pick: The Vegan Dairy: Aged and Smokey

Low winter rainfall led to low soil moisture, reducing not only spring vine growth but also yields due to lots of scrawny, small bunches developing upon shorter than average canes. However we enjoyed cool to mild springtime conditions that continued into the first weeks of summer, leading to fairly typical timing for flowering and fruit set to occur. But the summer heatwave conditions eventually hit us with a vengeance rarely seen in these parts. We sweated through nine days over 38 degrees and many a warm night over summer which saw our fruit ripen like crazy, exacerbated by a dearth of rain. Irrigation was absolutely necessary to keep the vines from falling over. By mid-February we were right into harvest mode and no matter how fast we harvested, we barely kept pace with the rate of ripening, so wines this year will certainly have a riper, more generous feel.


Winemaking is geared for maximum flavour at minimum fuss. Simplicity is the key and the results speak for themselves. Simply harvested and destemmed to closed fermenters, fermented warm and lightly pressed to a combination of oak and tank, where it is stored for 12 months. Several aerative rackings to ward off reduction and aid tannin evolution before the final blend is put together, cross flow filtered and bottled.

Region: Moorabool Valley, Geelong, Victoria

Vineyard: Austin’s Wines. Steiglitz Road, Sutherlands Creek

Alc./Vol.: 13.5%

Vegan: Yes

riper, more generous feel to them.



6Ft6 Shiraz 89/100. Top Value Recommended  

Deep ruby colour, a hint of purple to the rim. Crushed forest berries, rosemary and cracked pepper aromatics. Black fruits, morcilla and soft herb layers flow across the palate. A firm line of tannins give more texture than expected and their ripeness makes them sit deep and persistent. Medium to full weight with good drive and length 15 FEB 2021

DRINK BY 2021–2027


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cheryl McFarlane
Just the spice I like

I love this Shiraz. I love it's peppery/dry finish. It's smooth but has character, the character that suits me.
It's a great price and easily accessible .

Jeff Hobbs
Great luck

Just ordered a glass at a Geelong Indian restaurant, having never heard of it. Now I’m hooked after three sips- would write more but the wine is calling my name.

Morris Reid
Not as good as I'd hoped

I was a bit disappointed to be honest.
I am 6 foot 6 tall so I was really hoping it would become my wine of choice. Unfortunately it's not the case.

Neale T
My go to wine

Sure it could be a little pricey for an everyday wine but after taking advantage of the bulk discount (36 bottles in my case) this is an amazing wine for under $20.

Thanks Neale. Can't go wrong with a wine with a discount! We appreciate the review and give you a big cheers.

Deb Turner
Rich Rewards...

I bought the half dozen pack of the 2018 Shiraz for my husband. Generally, he's a Cab/Sav bloke, but the tasting notes indicated this wasn't a particularly big Shiraz so I thought 'Why not?'
All I can say is, he absolutely loved it. Smooth and full-bodied, rich and beautifully balanced - his words. Each bottle was consumed with no particular purpose, other than to savour the delights
of a cool climate Shiraz done right. And I have that lovely warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting a hard-working, local producer!