Patient Wolf x 6Ft6 spritz cocktail recipe

Pinot & Pineapple Spritz Recipe

Spritz up your weekend with this fresh and fruity Cocktail

Gin Spritz Recipe

Low in sugar, high in flavour!

A dry and fruity cocktail with tropical aromas to awaken the senses. This gin spritz cocktail is the ultimate accessory for the next sun-filled afternoon. Low in sugar and full of flavour, reminiscent of a chilled glass of rosé with a tropical twist. Only three ingredients required so it is super simple and can be whipped up in under a minute.

Patient Wolf X 6Ft6 Collaboration

This limited-edition Pinot Noir Gin is a collaboration between Patient Wolf Gin and 6Ft6 Wine. It brings together the best of Victoria, where Melbourne meets the Moorabool Valley.
It’s vibrant, versatile and up for anything.

Patient Wolf Pinot Gin is available for a limited time. Purchase in the Wolf and Wine Pack to have the essentials for this cocktail.

Patient Wolf x 6Ft6 spritz cocktail recipe

Pinot + Pineapple Gin Spritz Recipe



  1. Build prosecco, pinot gin and soda over ice in a glass
  2. Garnish with a leaf and wedge of pineapple

Pinot Noir Gin available here

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