Vegan wine and cheese pairing

Vegan friendly wine and cheese guide for the ultimate indulgence

As a vegan you may well be under the illusion that your cheese and wine days are a thing of the past.  Finding vegan cheeses that actually taste like, well, *anything*, is a bit of a nightmare.  Many of the products out there taste like cardboard, and don’t give you that cheesy satisfaction you’re looking for.  Enter The Vegan Dairy!  Vegan cheese made by old school cheesemakers, applying thousands of years of cheese making wisdom to animal free products and truly kicking arse at doing it.

In addition, you probably know that here at 6Ft6 our wines have been total animal product free and vegan friendly for six years and (if we do say so ourselves), tasting better than ever. 

So… if you’ve got amazing vegan cheese and you’ve got delicious vegan wine, there’s only one logical next step.

Introducing our patented 6Ft6 guide to finding the best VEGAN cheese and wine pairings:

Which vegan cheese pairs with PROSECCO?

Try: The Vegan Dairy’s Fruit and Pistachio

Those who enjoy a glass of crisp prosecco probably know how well that fresh, citrusy acid cuts through any decadent (non-animal based) creamy dish.  The Vegan Dairy’s Fruit & Pistachio is a dense fresh cream cheese style cheese with dried apricots, cranberries, and figs mixed through. Rolled in crushed pistachios and crushed hazelnuts. Utterly delicious drizzled with your choice of thick syrup sweetener to serve!  

Which vegan cheese pairs with SAUVIGNON BLANC?

Try: The Vegan Dairy’s Ashed Chevre

Sauvignon Blanc is commonly paired with sheep or goat’s milk cheeses.  Our Savvy B has a more refined acidity than you’ll find in a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which lends itself to soft and fresh cheese styles.  The Vegan Dairy’s Ashed Chevre is fresh “goats-cheese-style” soft cheese, dusted with vine ash as in traditional French cheese making methods. The ash does not affect the flavour of the cheese; rather it gives a dramatic ashen appearance while allowing the light tangy natural flavours of the cultured cheese to shine through.

Which vegan cheese pairs with PINOT NOIR?

Try: The Vegan Dairy’s Red Bell Pepper

Light red equals light cheese!  The Vegan Dairy’s Red Bell Pepper is a French style fresh creamy cheese with a texture similar to cream cheese. Flavoured with sweet paprika, dried crushed capsicum, and a hint of chilli, rolled in dried crushed capsicum.  The subtle, spicy flavours of this cheese are perfect for our refined cool climate pinot, as pinot noir is one of the lightest of the reds and doesn’t generally hold up too well against massive funky flavours. 

Which vegan cheese pairs with SHIRAZ?

Try: The Vegan Dairy’s Aged and Smokey

Are you one of those people who prefers a bit of complexity and funk to your cheese?  Well a good Aussie shiraz is the pick of the bunch (no pun intended) for all you smelly, aged cheese fans out there.

Shiraz’s bolder flavours and aromas should be paired with stronger flavoured or aged cheeses.  The Vegan Dairy’s Aged & Smokey is a semi-firm cheese, which is complex in flavour and dense and creamy in texture. Rolled in smoked paprika. A popular choice on cheese boards or delicious sliced on salads or in sandwiches.

Pro tip: The tannins in the wine will bind with the proteins and fats in the cheese ensuring a cleansed palate after each and every mouthful.

Which vegan cheese pairs with ROSÉ?

Try:  The Vegan Dairy’s Persian Feta 

Rosé is a super versatile wine to enjoy alongside a cheeseboard.  Just imagine yourself sitting among the citrus and olive trees in Provence, poolside with a crisp glass of rosé and a platter of peaches and (vegan) cheese.  Paradise, oui?  Okay now snap out of it, you’re actually making us jealous.

Rosé is one of the few wines that really stacks up against saltier cheeses.  The Vegan Dairy’s Persian Feta is a creamy vegan feta with a distinct tangy flavour and creamy rich texture. The perfect substitute for any soft or marinated dairy feta in salads, shared with friends, on top of roast veggies or soups or even just eaten by the spoon. 

Which vegan cheese pairs with PINOT GRIS?

Try: The Vegan Dairy’s Herb Garlic Boursin

This easy drinker is also a fairly easy wine pairer.  Originating in Alsace, the French region bordering Switzerland and Germany, this wine is great to pair with decadent, alpine style comfort foods.  

And we’re back on that dream tour of Europe…  Perhaps when the world reopens, a European holiday might be on the cards. 

Anyway, The Vegan Dairy’s Herb Garlic Boursin is a French style fresh creamy cheese with a texture similar to cream cheese. Flavoured with garlic and herbs and rolled in a mixture of dried chives and parsley.  A match made in heaven (or France, but – same thing really, amiright?).

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Hand drawn illustrations done by Chloe at Passionfolk Marketing

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