An exotic, perfumed and alluring light red. 

A classic Pinot Noir with bright cherry and red plum flavours, just a hint of earth, a nuance of vanilla and dark chocolate upon a silky-smooth palate. A fresh and fruit-driven wine that is typical of its variety, exhibiting that beautiful spicy cherry flavour we have come to know and love from this grape.

Made to drink and enjoy early, we recommend half an hour in the fridge before opening on a hot summer day and can be matched with a wide range of hot and cold treats, just nothing too heavy! Charcuterie, Prosciutto, Olive and Rocket pizza, Barbeque Duck just to name a few.

Region: Geelong, Victoria
Vegan: Yes

Netflix Match: Peaky Blinders
Ubereats Match: Hawker Hall
Spotify Playlist Match: Top 50 Australia
Fashion Match: Country Road, Topman
Perfect Food Date: Peking Duck
Ultimate Cheese Match: Gruyère

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