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  • 6Ft6 Rosé 2020 - 6Ft66Ft6 Rosé 2020 - 6Ft6

    6Ft6 Rosé 2023


    2023 Release is here.

    If heaven had a flavour, it’d taste like this 

    The 6Ft6 rosé has a delightfully aromatic profile of rose petals, fresh strawberries and light spice, with a slight hint of watermelon. This well balanced, delicate, and dry rosé is ready to drink now. Serve it chilled or at room temperature and enjoy! 

  • 6Ft6 Sampler Packs. Red, White or Mixed. - 6Ft66Ft6 Sampler Packs. Red, White or Mixed. - 6Ft6

    6Ft6 Sampler Packs. Red, White or Mixed.


    Taste the 6Ft6 range in one of our sampler packs. 

    Taste the flavours in our range and find your favourites. Our popular sampler pack is now available to choose your own 6 wines!

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  • 6Ft6 Sauvignon Blanc 2020 - 6Ft66Ft6 Sauvignon Blanc 2020 - 6Ft6

    6Ft6 Sauvignon Blanc 2022


    “Sometimes I add ‘drink wine’ to my TO DO list just to feel like I’ve accomplished something”

    This dry sauvignon blanc is a fragrant, tasteful and sophisticated drop for the white wine lover.
    Serve chilled straight from the fridge, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a creamy goat’s cheese, soft brie, summer salads or even fresh seafood such as freshly shucked oysters.

  • 6Ft6 Shiraz 2019 - 6Ft66Ft6 Shiraz 2019 - 6Ft6

    6Ft6 Shiraz 2022


    “There’s no longer AM and PM.  It’s just coffee time and wine time”

    Enjoy a true representation of cool climate shiraz; exotic spices, rich berries and a dash of white pepper. It’s a wine with depth and intensity that remains imminently drinkable from day to night.

  • Austin's Chardonnay 2018 - 6Ft6

    Austin’s Chardonnay 2021


    Introducing our award-winning 20th chardonnay vintage.

    This is a rich and enticing white wine with flavours of vanilla bean and creamy nougat. The texture of this chardonnay is as smooth as silk with lashings of well-balanced acidity. Only 7400 bottles of this small batch wine have been produced, crafted by our experienced winemaking team using hand-picked fruit.

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  • Austin's Cuvée 2017 - 6Ft6

    Austin’s Cuvée 2018


      For the ultimate celebration, pop the cork on this premium Australian sparkling wine. The best moments in life are often spontaneous, so make sure you always have a bottle of our cuvée sparkling on hand to celebrate. Hand-picked pinot noir and chardonnay are crafted in the traditional method and aged in oak. This produces…

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  • Austin's Riesling 2018 - 6Ft6

    Austin’s Riesling 2022


      Juicy, crunchy with minerality. A vibrant riesling to be enjoyed. Do you want a Riesling that will convert the toughest Riesling critic? Introducing our 30th Riesling vintage. It’s a vibrant and juicy wine with the zest of fresh lime and a dash of minerality. Treat this vibrant white wine like you would a freshly squeezed lime or…

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  • Austin's Shiraz 2017 - 6Ft6

    Austin’s Shiraz 2021


      Cool-climate shiraz at its best. Rich and luscious yet medium-bodied.   If you’re one of those people that says ‘I don’t drink shiraz’, then think again. Our delicious cool-climate shiraz is rich and luscious yet medium-bodied. Lighter than shiraz from warmer climates, our shiraz is full of flavour, which makes it a versatile match for a wide…

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