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Who is 6Ft6?

We are 6Ft6 - A giant of our time

Who is behind 6Ft6?

The 6Ft6 Team

The 6Ft6 Team

From farmers to marketers, our team is a varied and wonderful group of wine lovers. We have a team of around 20 staff that includes winemaking, viticulture, groundskeeping, marketing, logistics and sales. We like to think of ourselves as one big 6Ft6 family who appreciates the land we live and work on and the beautiful wine we produce.  
Austin Family - 6Ft6 wine

The 6Ft6 Founders & Owners

Austins & Co. was founded by Richard and Pamela Austin in 1982 and is now owned and operated by Scott and Belinda Austin. These second generation owners have a bold approach to business and a love of wine, you will find Scott sipping a pinot noir and Belinda loves a glass of chilled rosé. When they aren't working or wrangling their two young children, Spencer and Delilah, you will find Scott either sailing, at the races or watching the Geelong Cats play. Belinda usually has a camera in hand and takes any opportunity to catch up with the girls over a glass of bubbles and a cheese platter.
John Durham 6Ft6 winemaker

The 6Ft6 Winemaker

Our winemaker, John Durham has over 40 years winemaking experience with much of his career making wines in the Margaret River region in wineries such as Cape Mentelle and Plantagenet Wines. He has had his hand in finishing off the 2016 vintages and all wines from 2017 onwards are reflective of his winemaking philosophy; balance and harmony in the structural components and flavour of wine.  John leads the team to produce cool climate wines that are enjoyed in Australia, the USA and China.
William Buckley stood 6Ft6 tall

Why are we called '6Ft6'?

We often get asked why we call our wines 6Ft6; so let us tell you a story. A story about bravery, about a giant of their time, about a legend and local to our region. A man who stood six foot six tall and inspired the adventurous name and spirit of us: 6Ft6 wines. 

In 1803, a convict named William Buckley - the man who stood tall at six foot six - pulled off a daring escape from the British, and landed at the Port Phillip area. Stranded, but free, he came across a local indigenous tribe, and the tale goes that he survived the next 32 years living amongst them. These days they call William Buckley a legend - a giant of his time. Here at 6Ft6, we just know him as Will, the guy who inspired the “Pinot for the people”, and the guy who stood tall at 6Ft6. 

before and after six foot six to 6Ft6

The 6Ft6 range

6Ft6 (formerly known as 'Six Foot Six') first launched in 2003, with a small, but delicious range of wine, specialising in Pinot Noir and Shiraz. In 2015, 6Ft6 had a facelift and have since expanded to include Prosecco, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé to its range.

Grown, picked, produced and bottled onsite at our Moorabool Valley winery in the Geelong wine region, the majority of our wines are single vineyard and exceptional quality. We are known for our Pinot Noir, with one of the largest family-owned estates in Australia (read more about our Pinot here). Our Prosecco, along with some of our Pinot Gris, is proudly sourced from the beautiful King Valley region.

We like to explore and push the boundaries with wine and aren't shy when it comes to food and cocktail recipes, known recently for our delicious frozen wine cocktails - Prosecco Margarita anyone?

Frankie, our beloved Retro Rocket caravan travels to events sharing the wine and cocktail love and you can find out the latest place to get some Frankie love here.
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