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Perfect Pinot Pairings

Perfect Pinot Noir Pairings

You've just cracked open a bottle of Pinot Noir but the cooking is just too much to handle? Well, we know the feeling (but glad you've sorted the important stuff!) so have put together a list of common pantry staples, and Uber delivery options, to make sure your meal goes perfectly with the wine in hand!



  • Cured meats such as Prosciutto go perfectly with Pinot, due to the wine's delicate, yet earthy palate. It has a little tannin, so its savoury flavour characteristics are perfect with cured meats. If you want to be super fancy and have some cheese in your fridge, try pairing with soft cheeses like an aged Camembert or Brie. 
  • Often you'll hear winemakers talk about the herbaceous notes in Pinot Noir... on a good day you might even hear them speak of 'Forest Floor' (that's a fancy way of saying earthy tones). So if you've got some mushrooms in the fridge, they are like a Pinot's bacon to eggs, -  the perfect combo.
  • There seems to be a general rule to pair white wine with white meat, however that's not necessarily a must-do. Both chicken and pork go really well with Pinot, especially when char-grilled. Those smoky notes, once grilled are really delicious with those subtle smoky notes and silky tannins in a Pinot.
Now, be like Cersei and grab another Pinot. 



  • Indian - As long as you don't go overboard with the chili, Indian food and Pinot Noir are like a match made in heaven! Rogan josh, curried lentils, butter chicken... all of the favourites. Those clove-like spices you'll pick up in Pinot are also found in Indian food, which is why they go so perfectly together.
  • Thai - Like Indian food, typically it's not best to pair anything too spicy with red wines as they tend to intensify the burn of spicy food. We're lucky with Pinot Noir as it's more delicate and subtle than a bold red, such as Shiraz. Red Duck curry is our top pick to pair with Thai food, alternatively you can't go wrong with a Pad Thai.
  • Italian -  Ahhhh... is there anything better than Netflix, wine and pizza on a Friday night? Add a game of footy in there and it's my perfect Friday night (go Cats!). Italian food generally goes really well with Pinot Noir, not too heavy, not too light. We'd suggest staying away from extra creamy dishes like Carbonara, otherwise you're pretty safe. My favourite... try a tomato-based pizza like a capricciosa or vegetarian lasagne.
Now, enjoy your Friday night and pour yourself a Pinot.

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