What makes wine vegan?

Is 6Ft6 Wine Vegan?

So you think that every time you sip on wine, all that is passing your lips is fermented grape juice? Well this is not always correct! There can be some products used in the wine making process that are derived from animals. Many wine producers use fining agents to stabilise and fine the wine. In the past casein (milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatine (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein) were used for this process. Although egg or milk is not added to the wine essentially, tine traces on the fining agents may be absorbed into the wine. 

However some very clever people have created a fining agent that is vegetable based and our winemaker, John has been using this since the 2016 vintages. We are really proud to say that all of our 6Ft6 wines, including the Prosecco from the King Valley are vegan friendly.

Does being vegan affect the quality of the wine?

John assures us that he has tested this product and is really happy with the results. To date there has been no difference in the quality of the wine.

Does it affect the taste?

There has been no difference with the taste of the wine, essentially you wouldn’t taste egg or milk in the wine, just traces could remain. The taste of the wine hasn’t been altered and we actually believe our wines are getting better each year!

So if you are vegan, you can sip sip away!

If you are not vegan, well it is still good to know what is going into your wines and you can continue to enjoy 6Ft6!

We are also pleased to say that all of our frozen cocktails are vegan friendly!


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