We’re the 2020 BWS Local Luvva! 🙌

From our family to yours, thank you!

Thanks to you, our beautiful support crew, we are so pleased to announce that we are the winners of the BWS #localluvvas campaign. Being voted the Local Luvva means the WORLD to 6Ft6.
2020 has been such a roller-coaster year for so many businesses, so to have our wine recognised is really humbling, this year especially. What’s even better is that it is from the people that matter – those that drink the wine on a regular basis. 

So what does this mean for 6Ft6 in BWS? 

We’re thrilled to gain additional ranging over summer in BWS, which means you’ll see more of our wine, in more stores! This could be our delicious Prosecco, or our lighter-style shiraz (typical for its Geelong locality), which is great for those red-wine drinkers looking for something lighter, and not too over-powering over the summer months. 

Our 6Ft6 Winners

As promised, we are giving away 50 6Ft6 gift packs, each valued at $99, to 50 people to say thanks for supporting us and voting in the BWS Local Luvvas competition. Did you get a wine pack, see below our list of winners (list in alphabetical order): 
  • Alison Foulds
  • Amanda Bowe
  • Andrei Khodirev
  • Belinda Lee
  • Carla Finch
  • Catherine McCartney
  • Charlie Louise
  • Chlo Richardson
  • Craig McKay
  • Declon O’Farrell
  • Eva Yeung
  • Franco Serraino
  • Gail Pepper Muir
  • Jacqui Feeney
  • James Sidebottom 
  • Jane Maree Ermer
  • Jenny Hogan
  • Judy Sobey
  • Kate van Haalen
  • Kate Wawn
  • Katherine Bamford 
  • Kathy Edwards
  • Kimberley Boschie 
  • Kristy Holt
  • Lachlan Laidlaw
  • Lee Degrandi
  • Libby Carlson
  • Maddy Gecsek
  • Maria Ainscough
  • Melanie Jane
  • Michelle Smith
  • Naomi Astles-Phillips
  • Nicole Whincup
  • Paula Johnson
  • Pauline Nicholas
  • Pip Gordon
  • Ricki-Lee
  • Robin Porter
  • Robyn Smith
  • Sally Dale
  • Sally Rose
  • Sarah Carew
  • Sarah Wood
  • Sharni Bravo
  • Shelley Speedie
  • Susan Bausch
  • Teresa Hanlon
  • Toni Smith
  • TP Simpson
  • Vanessa Reale

 If you are one of the lucky winners and have not yet been in contact, please drop us a line at cheers@6ft6wine.com to coordinate your wine pack.



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