Help 6Ft6 win the BWS #localluvvas campaign

Do you love 6Ft6? Or just want to help out a small business?

[we aren’t fussy now ha ha!]

Now is your chance. You can help us win the BWS Local Luvvas campaign.

One winery from each state can be crowned the #localluvva winery, and the best part? It’s YOU that gets to vote. 

What we love about making wine is seeing you enjoy it and it’s even better when you then share it with your friends. 

To have a chance to win the peoples choice winery would be the greatest  compliment we could receive. Its a bonus that it would mean extra ranging, sales and awareness of our wines. 

When can I vote?

Voting is open now until Oct 2nd 2020.

How many times can I vote?

You can only vote for 6Ft6 once.

How do I know if 6Ft6 are winning?

We will update you weekly as soon as BWS notify us. Or check on this post as we will update it as soon as we know.

What happens if 6Ft6 win?

It’s a great opportunity for extra ranging, sales and awareness for our brand. This is so big for a small family owned business like ours.

Where can I vote?


Make sure you are set to a VIC store so 6Ft6 appears.

We really appreciate your support.


Scott & Belinda Austin

lucky owners of 6Ft6 Wine

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